CrossBorder Capital is a London-based independent investment advisory firm and alternative data provider

Founded by former Salomon Bros. Research Director Michael Howell in 1996, CrossBorder Capital brings a different perspective to understanding capital markets and economies by focussing on international capital and domestic liquidity movements.

Knowing the size and direction of these international flows as well as changes in domestic liquidity conditions helps to pinpoint those asset classes, markets and industry groups that will underperform and outperform.

The firm puts strong emphasis on understanding fixed income and currency markets, and consequently has a consistent 'top down' view of stock markets. The firm is always on the look-out for signs of Central Bank errors: it watches policy makers' hands rather than trying to read their lips! Its unique and timely database of liquidity and capital flows, covering 80 countries including all the important major markets and regions over a near 40 year history can be downloaded real-time by clients.

The analysis framework is especially helpful for understanding investment risks. Every major financial crisis is preceded by a liquidity surge and high velocity cross-border flows. By monitoring these cycles, CrossBorder categorises capital markets into regimes, and by using the firm's unique Tactical Style Selection (TSS) system makes asset allocation and manager style recommendations.

What makes us different? We rigorously test our alternative data for different investment solutions. Quantitative back tests of the methodology, academic papers and an independent audit by a major international risk consultancy are available.

The firm has an international client base. This includes Sovereign Wealth Funds, Central Banks, asset managers, insurance companies, charitable foundations, private family offices and hedge funds.

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